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Due to COVID-19, we ask you remain in your car until your scheduled appointment time. Please be prepared to wear a mask or face covering to enter and leave the building. Hand sanitizers are available.

At Peace Massage & WellnessWelcome to At Peace Massage & Wellness, a massage and wellness center in the Vandalia-Butler community in Dayton, Ohio.

At Peace Massage & Wellness is an environment where our goal is to eliminate your pain and improve your physical quality of life by offering a variety of treatments and services to meet your specific needs.

What is the importance of massage and wellness?  Your body works hard for you each and every day of your life.  You expect years of service from your body, years that are often filled with too little sleep, too little exercise, eating on the run, and an abundance of stress.  Yet, how often do you pay attention to the signs of wear and tear that your body signals through an aching back, sore shoulders, stiff neck or all-over pain?

Pain is the result of imbalances in the body.  When an area is stressed, due to physical activity or inactivity, the surrounding tissues thicken in order to protect the injured/weakened area.  Massage stretches connective tissue, improves the circulation and nutrition, and so breaks down or prevents the formation of adhesions that pull throughout the body causing postural distortions.

Regaining mobility, appropriate muscle length, and recognizing weaknesses caused by poor postural habits or injury is the goal of therapeutic massage at our facility.  Other benefits of massage are increased circulation and lymph flow, and increased range of motion.

In addition, Medical Massage is an excellent parallel therapy to Chiropractic, Physical Therapy or Occupational Therapy.  Medical Massage addresses the root causes of pain, tension and dysfunction.

Many therapeutic modalities exist, each using different techniques targeting particular types of problems or body systems.  Many of these techniques require extensive specialized training to identify and address postural, mechanical or injury-related causes of pain and tension.  All services on our menu have met the required certification requirements, as required by the Ohio State Medical Board, NCTMB and AMTA.


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